Property Demand will increase in 2010

Request property sector is expected to increase in 2010. The potential increase in property demand is supported including lowering of interest rate mortgages (mortgage).

"So, it's time to invest in," said Director of PT Bahana TCW Investment Management Budi Hikmat in a discussion in Jakarta, Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Budi explains, the rupiah will also potentially strengthen against the U.S. dollar led to a target number of companies this year achieved. "In 2010 the liquidity will increase, so that positive trend," he said.

Excess liquidity, he continued, also can cause the lowering of interest rates. "It is stimulating domestic spending," said Budi.

However, the Director of PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi Andreas Muljadi reminded, the inflation rate could reach 8-9 percent next year.

The reason, according to Andreas is inadequate distribution channels.

"As a result, transportation becomes expensive and still small numbers of harbors, preventing the smooth flow of goods," he said.

Interest rates reached 6,5-7 percent, Andreas continues, indeed a cursory low. "But for the regional, is still high," he said.

These conditions will affect the commodities industry, raw materials, and transportation. He also agreed, the property sector will experience increased demand.

Source: VivaNews

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