Bandung Apartments: The Suites at Metro

As I strolled along searching for Bandung Property there was this guy giving away flyers of a new and upcoming apartment in Bandung.

The Suites apartement.The developer is Margahayuland with the project location at Jl Soekarno Hatta 693 Bandung, near to Margahayu Metro Complex and Uninus, a private university in that area.

According to the flyer they promised facilities such as 2 swimming pools,a jogging track,laundry,minimarket,atm center, cafe n resto. And a special access card equiped with CCTV camera.It looks as if its already progressing for completion.

To find a good property, the criteria are that you must see the proximity to pubic facilities such as school,hospitals, tol roads,etc. This apartment is relatively close to those facities.

Oya one important thing about flyers,if you see in the very below section,you'll witness a disclaimer saying anything mentioned here are not a part of the purchasing contract so please read carefully.



Researching on Property Market Trends in Australia

If you're a property marketer or economic observer or you just want to see the trends of property market in Australia. Or probably you want to invest property in the kangaroo continent for apartments or housing.


I found this very generous site that would share to us the overview of the Australian property by the cities.

Actually it's a bank site named Westpac. I don't know whether other banks give the same free information.


You can straight away download the property outlook to see the trends and what's going on in the retail or commercial property in Australia.


Tax incurred when buying Property in Indonesia

When you buy property in Indonesia the price that is explained by the agent is not the actual whole price of the property.

There could be additional costs too.For example taxes. Therefor all these possibilities must be considered and looked upon carefully.

PPN (Pajak Pertambahan Nilai)

Renown as the Value Added Tax or VAT which is 10 %. See your pricelist carefully whether it is included or excluded.

BPHTB(Bea Perolehan Hak atas Tanah dan Bangunan)

To make it simple it means the duty for aquiring land and building rights. It's 5% of the total transaction value that occurs. It's subject to the price of the property after deducted by PPN(see PPN above)

BBN(Bea Balik Nama)

It literally means the duty for Owners name change. Of course you want to have the property with your name as the official owner. There's a cost for it 2% of transaction cost. It will be the buyers obligation, not the seller's.

PPnBM (Pajak Penjualan Barang Mewah)

Is the the tax inccurred for the sales of luxury items. It will become a luxury item if it's value is above Rp 3 million/m2 or above 400m2. It happens only if a buyer buys straight from the developer. A person to person sales doesn't make this tax show up.

So that's all folks.


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Tips on Buying a home in Jakarta

House is one of basic human needs. Wherever humans live they definitely need a place to live. And finding a place to live can be a gruesome task to do.

In large cities like Jakarta things can be different. Finding a home was not as easy as imagined. The city is huge, people are living in what they call satellite cities. In those places we are likely to find an affordable home.

These what you call satellite areas are:
• Serpong, known for its BSD region there are plenty of real estate complex there
• Depok, This area is connection from South Jakarta to the outer areas, It
• Bekasi, This area is well known for its many real estate residence and industrial

There are major factors of considerations in choosing the place to call it your home in the Jakarta and Greater Jakarta vicinity.

The major considerations are :
• Choice of location is one of the main considerations in buying a home in Jakarta. First and foremost considerations of course are a flood-free location. Do not be tempted to buy a house at a price but it is a flood area.
• The second consideration is the distance to the workplace. Make sure the location of the house not too far away from the workplace or business district.
• Although for the third criterion is somewhat difficult to meet in Jakarta because now the average new housing on the outskirts of Jakarta. But this is not a problem. Make sure the location of a home away from work has been supported by adequate transportation facilities, such as access busway or KRL.
• The fourth consideration is the location of facilities, such as educational facilities, health/hospitals, markets, sports facilities, and others. The house is not too far from the educational facility would be of great help our children to reach it easily.

The Build vs Buying Decision

You may have the money, but don’t have the time to supervise and build your own house. What should you do.
Actually there are two options to have a place to live is to build it yourself and buy a home. All have their plus and minuses.

Building your own:
+ Lower cost
+ Easier to determine the appropriate design of the house owner wishes
- Difficult to get land in the right location
- High land prices
- Difficult to foreclosure proceedings in other words there’s alota paper work must be done.

Buying a house:
+ Easy mortgage process
+ Quick process, can be directly assigned
- Price can be costly but can also be competitive
- Design of houses already given, only little adjustments can be made

From some of the considerations above in my opinion wiser choice to buy a house. Especially for those of you who really is the immigrant population. But if you already have the land ready to build, building will be a nice of interest to you.

In Jakarta your major options to live can be:
1. Bintaro Area-> has good access Jakarta Outer Ring Road –JORR, KRL, beautiful environment
2. BSD Area-> There’s an access expressway, JORR, evolving environment
3. Depok Area -> price is cheaper than bintaro and BSD, near major campuses
4. In the heart of Jakarta -> your option will probably be an apartment or kostal/boarding places (or called koskosan) lower prices, access to toll in the city
So now it falls upon you to decide.

The writer owner is Tresnadi, has a Certified Property Analyst (CPA) from Panangian School of Property in and was in the first class.

Tips Before Buying Real Estate in the Philippines

First of all I did not write this article its from a another source.I totally respect it and put the original link below


Tips Before Buying Real Estate in the Philippines

Here are tips a buyer must remember before buying any property in the Philippines, specially if you are buying a single property from an individual:

1. Make sure the "Transfer Certificate of Title" is authentic. The easiest way to check if the title to the property you are buying is authentic is by getting "Certified True Copy" of the title from the Register of Deeds. This office is usually located at the city or municipal hall where the property is located. Ask the seller of the property for a photocopy of the title -you will need the title number and the name of the owner to get a certified true copy of the title from the Register of Deeds.

2. Verify that title is clean - meaning the property is not mortgaged (no liens & encumbrances on the property). You can see that at the back of the title with the heading "Encumbrances". This page must be empty if you are told that the title is "clean". But sometimes the space for the technical description of the property on the front page of the title is not enough and the description of the property is continued on the "Encumbrances" page, this is of course all right.

3. Make sure that the land described on the title is really the land that you are buying. You can validate this at the Register of Deeds or by hiring a private land surveyor or a geodetic engineer. Land titles don't have any street name and number to pin point a property, it is a must to confirm that the actual property you are buying matches the technical description on the Transfer Certificate of Title.

4. Make sure that the sellers are the real owners. If you are buying from an individual property owner, ask for identification papers like passport or driver's license, it is also a good idea to talk to the neighbors or the Barangay Captain to confirm the identity of the sellers (you might as well ask some history of the property).

5. Confirm that the yearly real estate taxes are paid. Ask for certified true copies of the Tax Declaration and original Tax Receipts to confirm that real estate tax payments are up to date.

If the above check list is in order, it is generally safe to proceed with the purchase of real estate in the Philippines.


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