Property Demand will increase in 2010

Request property sector is expected to increase in 2010. The potential increase in property demand is supported including lowering of interest rate mortgages (mortgage).

"So, it's time to invest in," said Director of PT Bahana TCW Investment Management Budi Hikmat in a discussion in Jakarta, Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Budi explains, the rupiah will also potentially strengthen against the U.S. dollar led to a target number of companies this year achieved. "In 2010 the liquidity will increase, so that positive trend," he said.

Excess liquidity, he continued, also can cause the lowering of interest rates. "It is stimulating domestic spending," said Budi.

However, the Director of PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi Andreas Muljadi reminded, the inflation rate could reach 8-9 percent next year.

The reason, according to Andreas is inadequate distribution channels.

"As a result, transportation becomes expensive and still small numbers of harbors, preventing the smooth flow of goods," he said.

Interest rates reached 6,5-7 percent, Andreas continues, indeed a cursory low. "But for the regional, is still high," he said.

These conditions will affect the commodities industry, raw materials, and transportation. He also agreed, the property sector will experience increased demand.

Source: VivaNews

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A Subsidised Apartment

I found this brochure about this subsided apartment at Cihampelas Area. Quite cheap.This goal is for the people with not much money for buying property, but it turns out to be an investment instrument for the haves.Anyways, its a good investment.

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Housing Residence in Bandung

There is plenty of Housing Residence around Bandung; there are lots and lots of it. Some are in compliance with regulatory requirements, some not. Some are members of associations related to property such as REI (Real Estate Indonesia) and others are single fighter contractors.

The consultants that share and create these real estates are members of the Consultant Association of Indonesia known as Inkindo (Ikatan Konsultan Indonesia). The benefit of being a member of these associations is that the members are well known.

The Soekarno-Hatta area including gede bage :
Pratama Asri, D’casa grande, Cipaganti rahayu regency, Graha batu karang, Cipta pesona batu karang, Saturnus regency, Alamanda asri, Bumi adipura, Griya cempaka arum, Bandung inten indah, Bumi panyileukan, Bumi panyawangan, Pinus regency, Batununggal Indah, Graha bukit raya, Saluyu residence, Graha panyileukan asri

Ujung berung and sorrounding:
Ujung berung regency, Villa pasir wangi, Tamansari manglayang regency, Cipaganti dreamland, Bumi asri, Cibiru asri, Bumi orange, Permata biru, Griya mitra cinunuk
Eastern Bandung before Ujung berung (Suci, antapani, arcamanik):
Surapati core, Puri jatihandap residence, Jatihandap regency, Green valley residence, Jatihandap city view, The green padasuka, Pasir layung asri, Giri mekar permai, Arcamanik raya, Nirwana, Anggrek residence, Bandung city view, Tamansari Bukit Bandung, Green Hills Jatihandap.

The Sariwangi Area :
Sariwangi city view, Puncak sariwangi, Griya Amanda, Sariwangi regency, Cihanjuang regency

Dago(Ir H.Juanda Street) and sorrounding:
Cigadung permai, Bojong koneng makmur, Alamanda

Southern Bandung (dayeuhkolot, buah batu, kopo dan sorrounding):
Taman kopo indah (TKI I,II,III), Taman cibaduyut indah, Cijagra indah, Permata sukamukti, Buah batu regency, Permata buah batu, Graha rancamanyar, Permata kopo, Bojong malaka indah, D’amerta, Graha sari endah

The Banjaran :
Griya permata indah,
Soreang Padalarang:
Pondok padalarang indah, Kota baru parahyangan, Graha padalarang indah
Rahayu, the garden residence
Cimahi Area :
Puspa regency batujajar, Graha marga asih

Subsidised Apartement in Bandung:
Sanggar hurip (Soekarno hatta area) in Sanggar kencana, Buah batu apartmen park, Kopo Apartments, The edge in Cimahi

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