How to find Good Property in Singapore

Finding hot property in Singapore is not such a hard task. There are plenty residential apartments but the price are going higher and higher each day.

But because of the level of well educated people in Singapore are high, this constitutes to the high usage of the internet as the source of information finding property.

If you were in expat living in Singapore I would suggest to read this article about expat's guide to finding property.
If you are serious investor and really finding hot property in Singapore this hot Singpore property site is good start or you could also check out this other hot Singapore property site.

Hope your investment become a success. A good thing investing in property is that you can use your banks money to get it and with the right management to rapidly start the cashflow (start making money by renting it) and it will a matter of years or months your investment will reach Rate of Return.


Bandung Property

First Residential Apartement in Jatinangor

Jatinangor is an area in the eastern city of Bandung, is one of the 26 Districts in Sumedang regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. Previously named District Cikeruh but since 2000 renamed Jatinangor district with the reason that name was more familiar and more popularly known to the general public.

Pic 1. A prospective apartment in Jatinangor. A good investment since there are thousands of students learning in Jatinangor and needs a place to stay.

Jatinangor itself is a block plantation at the foot of Mount Manglayang who then made the complex a number of college campuses, including University of Padjadjaran.

Jatinangor region has an area of 26.20 km2 + with the characteristic urban areas nearly 80% of the total 12 villages, includes 4 Village agrarian region (Cileles, Cilayung, Jatiroke, Jatimukti), 4 Village area of education (Hegarmanah, Cikeruh, honey, Cibeusi) and 4 Village industrial park (Cisempur, Cintamulya, Cipacing, Mekargalih).

Currently Jatinangor known as one of the area of Education in West Java. Imagery is a direct impact development campus several higher education institutions in this subdistrict. The college currently has campuses in Jatinangor namely:
Padjadjaran University (Padjadjaran University) in the Village and Village Hegarmanah Cikeruh.
Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) in the Village Cibeusi. Previously named School of Public Administration (STPDN).

Institus Koperasi Indonesia (Ikopin) in the Village Cibeusi.
University Winaya Mukti (Unwim) in the village of Darling.
Academy of Information Management and Computers (AMIK) in the village of Al-Ma'soem Cipacing.

Due to the presence of building the campus and factories, Jatinangor also experiencing rapid physical development. As well as affecting other agricultural land in Java, many farms in Jatinangor who changed into a rented house for students or shopping mall. One of the famous today is Jatinangor Town Square shopping center (JATOS) and Plaza Pajajaran.

The tourism object in Jatinangor includes Kiara Campgrounds and Bandung Giri Gahana Umbrella (Golf Resort). Even so, in fact most of the land the camp is located in the region Kiara Umbrella Tanjungsari District. In addition, Highway Jatinangor along 4.83 km of connecting Bandung with Sumedang a fragment from De Groote Postweg (Post Road) made by Herman Willem Daendels in 1808.

Put Your Property Here

If you have a property whether it is in Bandung or any other places please write it down below as a comment.

It can be :
- House or apartment for rent
- House/apartment for sale
- Industrial Estate
- Boarding house (kos-kosan) , I call it Kostal places.

The benefits are you will be called because of exposure . And hopefully you will make that deal.

Remember as Kiyosaki always said :
"Try to look at good offers not with your eyes but with your mind"

A property poorly managed which goes low can be changed by you by managing it well.

Thank you

Bandung Property

A New Townhouse in the Sukarno Hatta Area

There's this new townhouse in Bandung where it is cool and looks like a good investment. All real estate is good as an investment as long as you maintain it properly.

The Metro Sukarno Hatta area is relatively a developed area of Bandung where there are many residential areas and facilities to support them.

The best thing you can do to it if it is your second home is to rent it so you can generate income from it.

The most important thing of an investment is how fast can you create money from it. Or how fast can it put money into my pocket.

Happy investing

Bandung Property

Batununggal Estate the Established Estate in Bandung

Batununggal is one of the most established real estate in Bandung. It is known for the big houses, the large soccer field where the residence relax and play. It also has supermarkets and many types of services surroundings the complex.

This estate has complete facilities and it is very good investment because it is so close to the Buahbatu toll entrance.

It is also close to the Buahbatu outlet center where tourist shop for factory outlet wear and enjoy the culinary shops there.

But there are some things that can be improved here in Batununggal which are well water quality; you must consult with your water purifier agent and there are also security issues which are relative in all real estates in Bandung.

But overall this is a very good investment.

Bandung Property

What happens if a Company wants to buy land in Indonesia. ?

Buying land in Indonesia has some regulations tit tied to it. Especially if you are a company. Before we purchase a land or property we must understand some basic rights(HAK).

There are a couple type of rights in owning property in Indonesia (mentioned in the uniformed property act, we will list three of them as below:
  • Hak Milik – HM (Owners Rights), the highest level of rights in Indonesia. This rights can be inherited and is diminished for reasons of voluntary, the land vanished or the land is sold.This rights can be inherited and for the time being only Indonesian Citizens has these rights.
  • Hak Guna Bangunan-HGB (Building Use Rights)- This rights is the right that is given to the government to utilize a land to be used for agricultural, industrial, livestock and commercial business.This rights status is a time based right for maximum 30 years and can be extended to another 20 years and can be used for private use such as building a home.
  • Hak Pakai (Utilizing Rights) – is the rights status to utilize or get the goods from a land that is owned by the state or individual that is certified by the PPAT (the Authorized Land Act Certifier). It is usually for 10 years of utilization of land.
The Case : A company wants to buy land.

If you as an owner owns a land which has a rights status of Hak Milik (owner’s right) and a certain company is interested in buying that land for the commercial use of the company. Can the company purchase it from you?

No, it cannot. Because a company can only buy a property that is categorized as HGB. So you as the land owner, must convert the land from the Hak Milik status in to the HGB status. There is a fee for converting this at the PPAT. Usually the cost of this conversion is subjected to the buyer in this case the company that wants to buy your property.


bandung property

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