Indonesia's Property prospect for 2016

Property prospect for 2016 in Indonesia is the one of the highest valuable information that people are finding out. The trend of the rupiah against the dollar shows that a steady increase is going on.

Before 2016, the property cycle occurs and moving and the hardships of 2014 and 2015 will pay off in 2016.

Accurate reference of what will happen in 2016 is shown by what this feller Ali T said. He is the Indonesia Property Watch director.
"Property market is in a waiting position and is entering an acceleration in 2016. It is not true that the property market is experiencing crash. What is true is that the property market is in a take off position"

Housing market development has grew significantly high 120% (indicated by housing credit/KPR) just by 2010 to 2012. And slowly went down in 2013 to 2015.

Case Study 

This peace of property down here in this place called Bandung, is making headlines because PEOPLE ARE JUST WAITING IN LINE to GET THE PEACE OF THIS PROPERTY.

So what so special about this peace of property, For beginners after just a friend of mine invested for a year for 500 million rupiahs in December 2014 for a 31 m2 type room, it went 630 million just for a year, That's 20% return on investment just holding the property.

Turned out it will have a high class Mall, a Water-boom facility and all these only minutes away from the toll road in the prestigious Pasteur Area. Near approximately every where, easy for travelers heading back to Jakarta.  As mentioned on Tips in Buying an Apartment, you will see that it is a good choice.

Gateway Pasteur, Just Awesome

Turned out also that the Bandung jet-set society bought a peace of property here. So actually you are buying a membership of society. There will be around 2100 rooms, and some townhouses in the area. An irresistible property to have,  and a guaranteed great investment.

So property in Indonesia is confirm will boom in 2016. So take your action immediately.

Property Analyst